The State of Illinois provides multiple resources to military veterans through the Illinois Department of Veterans'Affairs (ILDVA) and other programs. Here is a comprehensive list of resources provided by the state.

IDVA Mission                                                                                As an expression of our gratitude for their service to our country, we are committed to empowering Veterans and their families to thrive in Illinois. Every encounter we have with them is met with dignity and respect, as we understand the challenges of military service and the lifelong impact it has on their lives.


IDVA Vision                                                                                  Illinois is the destination of choice for Veterans and a national leader in Veteran advocacy and services. IDVA sets the standard for connecting Veterans and their families with all the benefits and privileges they earned to empower them to thrive.

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Illinois Veterans Homes
The Veterans' Homes of Illinois offer affordable long-term care to aged and disabled veterans as well as their eligible spouses in five across the state - Anna, Chicago, LaSalle, Manteno, and Quincy. The Veterans' Homes offer services ranging from independent domiciliary living program in Anna and Quincy with minimal support to 24/7 skilled nursing care in all five locations for veterans with significant clinical needs. Our staff are uniquely capable of serving the needs of the veteran community and offering an environment that honors their service to the country.


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Deceased, Disabled and MIA-POW Veterans Dependents Scholarship


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