Post Commanders should notify the Department following the Post election, at, with a list of who is authorized to submit electronic Hospital & Activities reports for their posts. Please include names, email addresses & contact information for everyone on the 'authorized' list. We have no way of knowing who is authorized to submit these reports without notification from the Post Commander.

Instruction for Printable Forms
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NOTE:  Forms below that are noted as "Interactive" means that you can complete the form via your computer.  Simply download the PDF file to your computer (right click - save link as).  Open it and you can type directly into the PDF and then click the "Email" button to send the results to us.  Remember, you must first save the file to your computer. It will not work directly in the browser.
Important Forms

Quartermaster Bond and Employee Bond: Applications and Payments Must be Sent to Department
2023-2024 Quartermaster Bond Application/Rates  - DO NOT USE FOR EMPLOYEE BONDS
2023-2024 Employee Application/Rates (Club Manager, Bingo, etc) - DO NOT USE FOR QM BONDS

Bylaw Templates: Ceremonial Rifles:
VFW Post Business: Other Important Forms:
TAPS Form - Interactive

Commander's Guide:                                                                         2023 National Community Service Guide